Clarence Escarpment Sanctuary

A lovely place to unwind. Enjoy nature in your backyard! Located on Greiner Road just east of Goodrich Road. For further information, contact the Clarence Conservation Advisory Council at the Town Hall, 716-741-8938.

Sign Welcome to the Escarpment Sanctuary, located on Greiner Road just east of Goodrich Road. Parking is provided just off the road on a turn-off.
Troop Lookout Travel down the path on your right. Just before the bridge veer left, and follow the path. Look for a walkway provided by Boy Scout Troop 664.
Lookout West This is a view from the walkway looking west.
Bridge View Travel back towards the bridge and cross half-way over. A nice view of the swamp.
Trolls Cave Travel across the bridge and up the escarpment. It's a fairly steep climb. As you near the top, look towards your right. You will see "Troll's Cave."
Swamp View A view from the top of the escarpment looking down at the swamp.

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